About us

Staffcentral is a full service Human Resource Consulting Company based in Midrand South Africa. We offer a comprehensive range of integrated Executive, Management and Professional Talent Search, Assessment, Training and Development, Employee Benefit, Payroll and Management Consulting Services to a wide range of South African and international business organisations.

Our commitment is to enter into a partnership with you, the Client, which adds value to your business and profit to your bottom line, by tailoring solutions that assist you to:

  • Source, assess and select the best possible human resources
  • Design and implement remuneration, employee benefit, and payroll policies and procedures that ensure that your people take
    ownership of your business and protect you against losing your most valuable resources to your competition
  • Create a business environment in which you manage change to your advantage and an organisational climate that allows your team to perform to its maximum potential.


Our Core Service offerings:

  • Payroll and HRIS
  • Transformation
  • Compliance
  • Skills Training
  • Industrial Relations
  • Health and Safety
  • Talent Management
  • Litigation