Should you pay for a Job?

The quick answer is no, Job seekers are not suppose to pay for a job or for a job interview at any stage during the employment process, Employers are the ones that pay employees salary at the end of the month or at an agreed date.

Any Job that wants you to pay before you are hired is probably a scam and should be reported to law enforcement officers, However in the arts industries, some casting agencies do require you to pay for a portfolio or a joining fee which is acceptable by the industry laws.

Some Recruitment agencies also offer some Resume writing services as an add-on to their service offerings and also this is accepted by law as the service provider is not actually giving you a job but rather offering to organise your CV so that you can have a better chance of getting an interview.

Training, some recruiters also offer training services as an add-on to their recruitment services and charge for this service, this is also allowed by law, what you as a jobseeker should do is research first and find out if that training will improve your chances of getting a job before you waste money on something that is completely valueless.

Bribes, Remember that is illegal to pay someone to hire you, you as a jobseeker and the person you are bribing to hire you might be arrested if this comes out, you should always follow the proper procedure of searching for jobs, apply and wait to be short listed just like everyone else.

Best of Luck on your Job search and don’t fall a victim of job scams.