Ever since the beginning of Covid-19 lot of people have been left stranded either because they have lost their jobs or because they had to take a pay cut, this had made lot of people left stressed as they are struggling to pay their bills.

However if you are good in English you might try to teach English online for extra money, there are some people who do this as their only source of income and they are making a lot of money by just teaching English while they are sitting at the comfort of their homes

The first step for you is to check which program would work for you and then register, there are many companies online offering this services

Some companies that you can try:

  • Academy of Interactive Entertainment
  • ACT Government
  • DaDa
  • Skyeng
  • New Oriental
  • EC English Language Centers
  • A.P.C.
  • Jessica Szucs
  • Acadsoc
  • 51Talk
  • iTutorGroup


How much do they pay?

This varies from company to company, you can expect to earn R100 and more per hour depending on the company

I think this is worth a try, especially for people who lost their jobs or people working flexible hours.

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