Most of us find ourselves with this dilemma or problem to solve, this is just how the job hunting process works and we can not always run away from this.

The answer to this question is yes and no!! ??


I would say if you are just starting out or fresh from college you should accept a low paying job, working on this job will give you work experience and references for future job applications, this is how majority of us start, we start from the bottom going going up.

Remember that this might be a low paying job, but in life opportunities come when we least expert them, a better paying job might pop up at the same company for you to apply or maybe if they like your work ethics they might give you a promotion, better job and better pay.


I would say don’t take a low paying job if you believe you have enough experience not to be a junior in a company as accepting this job wont make you happy and if you are not happy, you are likely not to be productive for the company, rather try to negotiate a better rate if you really want the job.

The job might be too demanding while the rewards are little, the job might not allow you time to look and apply for better jobs and then you end up stuck here for a lot time.

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