South Africa has been on lockdown for over a year now and majority of employees have been working from home as this has become the new normal due to covid19.

Is it better than working from the office?

For a lot of people working from home is way better than working from the office because they have less logistics to do in the morning, they no longer have to wake up early and prepare to go to the office, you can actually work in your bed under your blankets and still be very productive.

You only need your laptop and internet to work, which means you can pretty much work  from anywhere in the world, you can even go on a holiday with your family and still be able to work, pretty cool.

Saving on Petrol, some people spend as much as R1000 a week on petrol , this is a big saving as you don’t have to travel as often like before.

Saving on lunch, you no longer need to take lunch to work or buy take always everyday, that’s a lot of savings.

Your own peace of mind, working with lots of people with different personalities can be annoying at times, so you don’t have to deal with that annoying colleague “LOL”.

Familiar space, you know your home better, you know where to sit and be more productive.

Spend more time with family, you can still be productive and still have quality time with your family, this is what we call mixing business with pleasure.

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